The MetaFilter Network Inc.

The MetaFilter Network Inc. is a small Oregon-based company operating a collection of sites built with user interaction in mind. New additions are always in the works, each offering visitors a place to communicate with others in a meaningful way. The current and recently retired offerings are below.

The MetaFilter Universe

The MetaFilter Weblog - Anyone can contribute a link to interesting things on the web, and everyone can participate in the discussion that follows.

Ask MetaFilter - subsection of MetaFilter devoted to members asking questions and getting answers from other members.

FanFare - subsection of MetaFilter devoted to members discussing TV, movies, and podcasts.

MeFi Music - subsection of MetaFilter allowing members to upload their own songs. Features comments, playlists, and podcast feeds galore.

MeFi Projects - A special subsection of MetaFilter designed to help members announce and launch their latest projects.

MeFi Jobs - A place for MetaFilter members to hire one another, by listing any jobs available.

MetaFilter Podcast - A semi-regular monthly podcast about the best of MetaFilter.

IRL (In Real Life) - A subsite for coordinating meetups for any MetaFilter related event.

MetaTalk - A discussion board that accompanies MetaFilter, allowing users to post feature requests, bugs, or talk about weblogs in general.

Best Of MetaFilter - A blog highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe.

Retired Projects

Fuelly (2008-2012) A site that lets you share and compare your fuel economy and efficiency. Sold in 2012.

PVRblog (2003-2010) A topic-centered blog on Personal Video Recorders, this blog ran articles, news, and reviews about all things TiVo, Replay, and other digital recorders. Sold in early 2010 to an internet startup.

The Ticketstub Project (2003-2007) version) - Ticket stubs are everywhere, one of the many receipts in our daily lives - but we all save some from time to time. The Ticketstub project is a place where you can upload scanned images of your saved stubs, and tell a story about that night, that concert, that movie, what happened on that date, and other people can share their experiences as well.

BlogRoots (2001-2005) - Community site for general weblog-related discussions, as a companion site to the book We Blog from Wiley Publishing. Featured topical discussion, a resource directory, and sample chapters from the book.

SXSWBlog (2001-2004 SXSWbaby! picked up where it left off) - A community weblog created for the annual South By Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas. This innovative site offered shared notes from conference panels, photo galleries, posts from participants, and comments on every contribution. It ran from 2001 though 2004 and was built in partnership with PBcoding.

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